Pateraki Zinovia

Honour the power inside you

I never expected to become a ThetaHealing®Therapist but the feeling of empowerment and happiness that this system gave me changed my life!

Meeting with Vianna Stibal was part of my divine timing in my life to start this amazing healing journey with the ThetaHealing® Technique

And I am using my experience from 1993: as an Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Bach and Bush flower remedies therapist and teacher, Crystal Healing Therapist, TM Meditation facilitator.

Name: Zinovia – Zizi Pateraki 

Hometown: I am living and traveling around the world, teaching ! So if you want a seminar in your country contact me for sharing information and details.

But I spend some days per month in my city Athens, for sessions and seminars with my beloved students and clients.

Why Holistic Therapist with ThetaHealing

It is a meditation training technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit.

 I found out in my life that the best way to learn the language of helping others, is to be a practitioner and instructor of this awsome system and share the knowledge around. The knowledge of well being, no matter what difficulties are around you.

How is it helping me now: I am an Author of 3 books.

I teach yoga in my Detox programs in Chania Crete through a program that I personally created, specially for people who want to restart their health and life habits and for people who are dealing in their lives with something heavy for them…to accomplish.

I can help you with easy Hatha Yoga classes, Detox nutrition, TM Meditation classes, ThetaHealing sessions and Seminars, in order to release old patterns and heal the past.

Purpose to cure illnesses of the body, mind and soul. Find the true power that is inside each one of us and continue to enjoy life in full power and capacity.

I help for at free, people that cannot afford to heal naturally and I organise Yoga, Detox and Meditation retreats in Crete and in India with my beloved Yoga teacher Konstantinos Tselios and other certified Therapists, helpers for massage, gym programs, aromatherapy, singing bowls sessions.

Future goal: To share therapies and courses with Theta Healing with as many people are willing to explore it, heal themselves and gain a healthy mind and body.

Contact me: +30 6932665010 /

skype: zisestofos